Picking artists to feature is both a huge privilege and a grand luxury.
This month’s Discoholics Anonymous Presents radiates this fact abundantly!

In the vibrant and ever-evolving world of music, there exists a maestro of melody, a sovereign of sound – the illustrious Even Funkier. Not just a DJ, but a producer, a radio host, and more significantly, a Champion of The Funk. With a passion as boundless as the skies, Even Funkier embarks on a ceaseless sonic quest across the globe, his mission: to unearth the most tantalizing and juicy musical cuts hidden in the world’s vast sonic landscape.

Armed with an eclectic and discerning ear, Even Funkier delves into the rhythmic realms of Disco, the soul-stirring depths of Funk and the heartfelt harmonies of Soul.
He doesn’t stop there; his talent lies in his unique ability to intertwine diverse genres, each with its own history and character, into a tapestry of sound that is not only fresh but irresistibly funky.

He has created a stunning, stamina packed quest of Funk ; it’s a narrative, a story told through beats and melodies. When Even Funkier is behind the decks, he’s not just playing music; he’s weaving a sonic saga that captures the essence of each genre, blending them seamlessly into something new, something vibrant, something unmistakably his.

In a world where music often feels transient and ephemeral, Even Funkier stands out as a beacon of creativity and passion. His dedication to finding and sharing the best of what music has to offer makes him not just a DJ, but a curator of culture, a guardian of the groove, a true Champion of The Funk.


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