And without further ado, here’s the second volume of our ongoing Discoholics Anonymous Presents series:

MartinMax, a linchpin of our Hot To The Touch radio show/podcast since 2020, boasts over two decades of DJ prowess, gracing Moscow’s dance floors with the swagger of a seasoned native Swede. He’s no stranger to accolades, having earned his Medal of Honor multiple times.

Martin Petersson aka. MartinMax

His musical acumen, honed through years in the game, radiates in every beat. Whether navigating the terrain by key or riding the waves of energies, MartinMax‘s creative mixing style is a testament to his deep understanding of the craft.

This particular mix, inducted into our permanent best of mix playlist since the summer of 2023, is a sonic masterpiece. MartinMax fearlessly intertwines Hip Hop vibes with a Bossa groove, skillfully blending in mash-ups and mutant rap genre hybrids. The result? A jaw-dropping auditory experience that defies imitation – we assure you, there’s nothing else like it out there.


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