Discoholics Anonymous Presents – JET BOOT JACK EPISODE 1

Raising the Creative Standards

Discoholics Anonymous‘ new mix series is not just about playing tracks; it’s about pushing the boundaries of creativity and taking the art of DJing to new heights.

Each DJ invited to contribute to this series is handpicked for their ability to challenge the status quo, blend genres effortlessly, and craft a unique sonic experience that captivates the audience.

The goal is to set a new standard for DJ mixes, encouraging DJs to explore the depths of their creativity and curate sets that tell a story, provoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression.

It’s about creating moments that resonate long after the music has stopped.

So, get ready to embark on a musical adventure like no other. Discoholics Anonymous is here to take you on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and captivates your senses.

Jet Boot Jack‘s mix is the inaugural masterpiece of this series, setting the bar incredibly high. With a careful selection of immortal classics and exclusive new future classics crafted by his own hands, Jet Boot Jack takes listeners on a musical odyssey that transcends the boundaries of time and genre.

Expect the unexpected as he masterfully alters between some of his all-time favorites and some of his own unreleased productions, seamlessly weaving together the past, present, and future of dance music.

It’s a potent mix that showcases not only his remarkable DJ skills but also his prowess as a producer. The result is an electrifying journey through the world of Disco and House that will leave you craving more.

Stay tuned for more as this innovative mix series unfolds, right here on Discoholics Anonymous.


JET BOOT JACK boasts over 10 million Soundcloud streams, 4.5 million Shazams, and 32 million TikTok views for his Disco House remixes of Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Barry White, and Chic. He has clinched numerous Number 1 spots on Hypeddit’s Disco Chart, surpassing all other artists.

As an official member of the Mastermix team (Europe’s largest DJ-only music service), he has collaborated with artists like Kathy Brown, Abigail Bailey, Nightcrawlers, Hysteric Ego, and Architechs. His official remixes and productions have earned Number 1 rankings on Australia’s Aria Dance Chart and Italy’s iTunes Dance Chart. He has released music on labels such as Tropical Disco, Hot Digits, Blockhead, Midnight Riot, Tropical Velvet, Spa In Disco, and Masterworks.

Jet Boot Jack has also graced the stage alongside The Chemical Brothers, Freemasons, Lenny Fontana, DJ Yoda, Norman Jay, Professor Green, and Fat Freddy’s Drop. He has performed for esteemed brands like Hed Kandi, Ministry Of Sound, and Wilderness Festival.

His music receives regular airplay on Rylan’s BBC Radio 2 show and has garnered support from underground DJs like Horse Meat Disco and Jamie Jones. Jet Boot Jack pushes the boundaries of Disco and House, blending the classic with the contemporary, the familiar with the innovative, and the vintage with the cutting-edge, all while maintaining a strong emphasis on delivering feel-good fun.



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