A sparkly, funky fresh EXCLUSIVE mixtape you say? We got you covered! Sweden’s most succesful Disco baboons of the Drop Out Orchestra offer a fistful of exclusive previews of their upcoming work in this fantabulous mixtape, courtesy of Discoholics Anonymous <3

Check out Drop Out Orchestra:

  1. Nirosta Steel & Nell Sahkespear with Drop Out Orchestra – Boss Trix
  2. Social Deviants – Last Forever
  3. James Curd – Psychedelic Freak (Drop Out Orchestra Remix) (premiere inbound Dec. 15th)
  4. Liberty City – Some Lovin’
  5. Inve & Forsi – Cafe (Remix)
  6. D:ream – (UNTITLED) – Drop Out Orchestra Remix
  7. Drop Out Orchestra & Mishell Ivon – He’s Always There (James Curd Remix)
  8. The JetOuts – Heat (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
  9. T.Rex – Children of the Revolution (Drop Out Orchestra Edit)
  10. Mishell Ivon & Drop Out Orchestra – Skate
  11. Adam Nova – Lose It
  12. Helado – Higher


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