Step into the kaleidoscopic realm of “Rhythm Of Love,” the magnetic collaboration between Gratts and Cata Mansikka-aho, masterfully remixed by Faze Action.

As you embark on this sonic journey, be prepared to surrender to the pulsating beats that seamlessly weave through the delicate tapestry of Balearic and House influences.

Cata Mansikka-aho‘s vocals emerge like a playful breeze, carrying a sense of effervescent joy. Her voice becomes an instrument of its own, dancing between the beats with a flirtatious charm.

The fusion of Disco elements adds a nostalgic touch, a nod to the bygone era of glittering dance floors and mirror balls. Faze Action masterfully incorporates these hints of Disco, infusing the track with a timeless quality that transcends genre boundaries. It’s a contemporary take on a classic sound, a musical bridge between the past and the present.

Whether you find yourself in a dimly lit club or a sun-kissed beach, the “Rhythm Of Love (Faze Action Remix)” is a versatile companion, adapting to the atmosphere like a musical chameleon.


Gratts Ft. Cata Mansikka-aho – Rhythm Of Love (Faze Action Remix) [Be Strong Be Free]

Be Strong Be Free


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