Nothing says “I Love You” like music does.

Since I started DA the slow jams have held a special place with me. In fact I went as far as to releasing Baby Makin Music a couple of years ago.

This year I have asked the incomparable BEN JAMIN to do his version of a romantic mixtape for Valentine’s Day, and boy did he deliver. It’s so potent I placed a pregnancy test next to the speaker and it was positive with the first four minutes. So don’t over-do it, people!

Behold, Ben Jamin comes to court thy grace,
With tender sophistication in his pace.
Sweet whispers in thine ear shall he bestow,
This year’s Discoholics Anonymous show.

For Valentine’s, a series so divine,
He’ll woo thee with a passion pure and fine.
His mixing, like gentle kisses, softly land,
To stir thy heart with an invisible hand.

In every note, a promise to be true,
A symphony of love, presented anew.
Through melodies, his ardor doth profess,
In harmonies, his deepest thoughts confess.

So let thine ears to his sweet summons bend,
For Ben Jamin’s love sonnets doth extend.
In this grand act of Valentine’s affair,
His soulful music fills the amorous air.

Thus, with each verse, he seeks to win thy heart,
A masterwork of artful, loving part.
So come, partake in this enchanting quest,
Where love’s own voice is through his tunes expressed.

More you say?

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