So, it’s that time of the year again? Blimey! What the hell happened?
All save the tearful and heartfelt thank-you to all the people I have to thank for making 2023 the biggest and best year for Discoholics Anonymous, beating 2022 on all parameters, not marginally but HUGELY! Instead here’s Discoholics Anonymous annual gift to all of you guys who keep coming back for more making this blog what it is. Thank you.

I’d like to thank each and every artist involved on Discoholics Anonymous 4. I am really proud of what we managed to add to the series this year.

A very, very, extra super special THANK YOU to Jimmy Knudsen (MiNDWERK) who apart from being my best mate also is the only artist to appear on all 4 editions of this compilation. He does the coolest art work in this galaxy, and probably on a few neighboring ones as well.

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DiCE_NZ – Keep Forgettin’ (Club Dub Edit) 

My relationship with Dave goes back to 2020. I had asked Chuggin Edits to do a special lovers mix for Valentine’s. In that mix was an early version of Dave’s edit of Barabara Streisand’s “Promises”. I was completely blown away. At that point DiCE_NZ was completely new to me, and I quickly learned that Dave’s work carries a love and an attention to detail, that I have found great inspiration in through the work on our Highrollers series, that by now has reached #7 and world wide acclaim for exactly that. 

Here’s Dave’s take on a crucial classic, a track people approach with either recklessness or great caution and respect. To me this is the definitive rework of “Keep Forgetting.” 

Dim Zach – Enigma 

From the very get go Dim Zach’s work was included on Hot To The Touch when I revived it back in 2019. Dim’s reputation and respect in the business is legendary, so I was a bit apprehensive when I approached him to hire him as a remixer for Discoholics Anonymous Recordings. Dim committed and did a wonderful remix that I really loved. I have featured his remixes and reworks with great pleasure. The one at hand on this compilation has never been available anywhere before, but Dim did another rework of the track back in 2020, which has since been unavailable. 

V’s Edits – So Good Inside 

V’s Edits was everywhere when I started shopping on Juno Download. Behind the enigmatic moniker I found an accomplished musician, arranger and electronic wizard that is Valentine Golovachev. He was one of the very first artists I featured on this blog and I have had the pleasure of interviewing him under the most difficult setup I have tried yet, with great delays and tribulations on a platform that was new at that point, called Telegram. What a pain that was. Valentine handled it like the boss he is. 
He’s let me know, that this track probably is the last disco influenced rework under the V’s moniker. If that proves true this is truly a legendary offering even more so.

Dee-Bunk – Love Train

Dee-Bunk was featured twice the same year on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings. Both releases were popular on Traxsource and securing support from DJs. 
I love Dee-Bunk’s soulful approach, which seems to be dominant in the Hamburg area with an example like FF Edits, who I’ve also had the pleasure to work with. 
Stefan always delivers an impeccable, finished product of very high quality. Love Train is yet another perfect example of that.

DJ Laurel – Something Went Wrong

DJ Laurel is another artist who came into my roster of artists in 2023. With his Mostly About The Paper EP he turned heads all the way to BBC’s Craig Charles, who has been more than forthcoming in featuring DAR’s releases this year. 
Lavr has a special knack for finding old tracks with very strong hooks. His rework abilities rank among the best in the scene for me. 
His love, passion and most dominantly his deep understanding of the source material really shines through when he goes to work.

Pookie Knights – Don’t Look Back 

Chris, Ash and I go back to the first year of lockdown. We’re part of The Disco Waltons, a joint community centered around the radio shows / podcasts Spin City, Black Light Disco, Disco Daze and my own and Martin Petersson’s Hot To The Touch’s chat rooms.
Pookie Knights are dead cert party kings. They have a slow and soft side too which I have been very lucky to showcase of Discoholics Anonymous Recordings during the very first year of its existence.
Here they conjure a proper party, and if I was able and lucky I’d be down for adoption and become Pookie 4. But then again. I could probably be their Flava Flav.

The Loneliest Hunk – Remote Control 

Bruce and I have established a weird tradition. He comes swooping in close to deadline with these compilations and every time delivers a track of blinding beauty and quality. 
Bruce does the most potent reworks and has a style completely his own. 
Apart from that, AND DJing, Bruce runs his radioshow/podcast Recluse Radio, which is one of my favorite shows on the planet. I asked him about where he got the moniker The Loneliest Hunk, and he replied: “oh it’s a funny story really….” never getting back to me on it. At this point I assume it’s his dashing good looks being locked on New Zealand all alone, with DiCE_NZ.

Groovemasta – Get Dancin’

Groovemasta’s enduring presence on esteemed disco labels, including the prestigious DAR, has solidified his status as a household name in the genre. Meanwhile, Velyo, the musical alter ego of Groovemasta, brings a distinct Bulgarian flair to his creations—each track is a potent blend of sound, with taste and flavors turned up to the maximum.
In the vibrant streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, where Velyo calls home, he isn’t just confined to the studio. When he’s not immersed in editing tracks, Velyo transforms into one of the city’s most celebrated DJs. His rhythmic mastery extends from the studio to the energetic pulse of Sofia’s nightlife, where he seamlessly blends his Bulgarian-infused beats into the city’s musical tapestry. It’s a dual existence for Groovemasta and Velyo, where studio craftsmanship and street-level DJ artistry converge to define a musical persona deeply rooted in the heart of Bulgaria’s dynamic cultural landscape.

Bodie Lee – Wonder Boogie

I reached out to Bodie early on in 2023. I had really loved what he does release wise and I offered him to do a guest spot on Hot To The Touch. Luckily he not only obliged but also sent us a set that complete blew our socks off. 
I told Bodie about the annual compilation I had done on Discoholics Anonymous over the past three years, and that I was working on the fourth installment. Being the open, friendly, and really lovely chap he is, he promised me to add it on his to-do-list. 
He sent me this Wonder Boogie special delivery and once again blew my socks off! This is one of those tracks that will have people go: Now that’s cool!

C. Da Afro – Dazzle Disco 

C. Da Afro, or as many lovingly refer to him, the Zeus of modern disco, is none other than the disco deity himself, Cristos Antoniou from Greece. It’s like he sprinkles a little Dionysian magic on every track, turning dance floors into mythical realms of groove.
If you happen to be in the exclusive club of his Facebook followers (and really, who wouldn’t want a backstage pass to the disco Olympus?), you’ve probably marveled, as I have, at the sheer avalanche of tracks he teases and unleashes. It’s a musical flood, but instead of Noah’s Ark, C. Da Afro sails through the sea of beats with effortless finesse. Seriously, it’s like he has a disco assembly line in his bedroom – the man is a bonafide man-machine, a funk-powered automaton cranking out quality jams faster than you can say “Saturday Night Fever.” Trust me, keeping up with his prolific output is like trying to dance the hustle on roller skates – challenging, but oh so exhilarating!

Modesti – Saxy Life

Modesti made an indelible mark on my musical radar in the vibrant spring of 2023, and I was instantly captivated by his unique spin on disco house, infused with a nostalgic nod to 90s Italo vibes. Francesco, affectionately known as Franco, conducts his musical affairs with a neo-archeological finesse, seamlessly weaving a tapestry of influences into his captivating work.
Franco’s musical craftsmanship is akin to an excavation, unearthing sonic treasures from different eras and genres and skillfully fusing them into something fresh and contemporary. His compositions are a testament to his eclectic tastes, with each track serving as a melodic mosaic that pays homage to a myriad of musical references.
I take immense pride in featuring Modesti not only on this year’s compilation but also as a distinguished member of my Discoholics Anonymous Recordings roster. It’s an honor to amplify his distinctive sound and contribute to the musical journey he’s carving with his unparalleled approach to disco house.

Igor Gonya – Rose & Disco

Igor Gonya was, as I’ve written before, one of the very first established artists I got in touch with. He has been brutally honest about what I do, be it on the blog, with the label or on the radio show. 
He has been vital in helping me feeling safe and secure in finding my voice doing these things and always kept me on my toes. 
As an artist, Gonya has an incredible range. His sense for style and his manic executive skills would leave most peers impressed. 
Apart from his artistry, Gonya runs Gonya Entertainment, Sundries, Lisztomania Records and a handful more labels, thus securing him the perpetual title of hardest working man in showbiz, now that JB isn’t with us anymore. 

Even Funkier – Werk It Out

Consider me fortunate to have Even Funkier as a buddy in my musical mischief crew. Tom, the maestro of funkiness, stumbled upon his own groove in the realm of re-edits, and I hopped on the funk train from the very first beat. Picture this: I was part of the elite squad that got an exclusive earful of his tunes, promptly dishing out feedback, and in a move as swift as Tom’s dance floor finesse, I extended an offer to release his infectious beats.
Since that serendipitous encounter, Tom has become the heartbeat of Discoholics Anonymous, and let me tell you, he’s not just a DJ; he’s a funk sorcerer, a maestro of beats, and I proudly count him among the best spinners in my rolodex of music aficionados. His podcast and Twitch live stream are the stuff of legends, dripping with his über-cool personality and skills that make other DJs rethink their life choices.
Oh, did I mention Tom is part of the elite group known as the Disco Waltons? That’s right – Walton Power! Imagine a disco-themed superhero team, grooving their way to sonic victory. Tom is one of them, and his powers include making even the stiffest hips sway involuntarily. Disco Waltons, assemble! Oh well, I’m getting carried away here, aren’t I?

Drop Out Orchestra – Celebaht Bombaclat

The time machine goes even further back with the next one. Ones, really. Drop Out Orchestra, aka Daniel Lindeberg & Inko Perä, who have been disco marauders since when I was still kicking it minimal tech style. Oh hell, in fact that’s where Dan’s path crossed mine the first time. Dan was already an established figure on the whole Electro House scene, and I immediately fell for his style. Dan ran a legendary label, well several really, and I learned so many fundamental things about how to run a label, marketing, and A&R from him along the way. We kept touch all these years and go back more than 20 years at this point. I remember being envious at seeing the videos and images from his and Inkos by now infamous gigs around the globe. 
Dan did almost all the mastering on this compilation, and keeps me at my toes as well as teaching me about the depths of our shared musical roots on a regular basis. I owe Dan a beer. Wanna go for a beer, Dan?

Otho & Grag – Space Girls

Otho & Grag reached out to me on soundcloud. I can’t tell you much more than you already know. Legends are true though. After finishing the last episode in the Japanse anime cartoon Captain Future they disbanded and used their mutual robotics for musical purposes somewhere in Germany. I’m sure it’d be a bigger deal if more people knew about this latter fact as the TV show was immensely popular on ZDF on German TV. 
I’m a big fan of their extremely well produced sound. The way they integrate the nostalgia in their tracks is fresh and new, and I know they are destined for great adventures in sound. 
I’m very lucky and very happy to present they Space Girls track on this year’s compilation. 

Sauco – Cold Winter

Concluding this year’s musical journey, we find ourselves at the doorstep of Sauco. Sauco has been a revered name within the vibrant community of Discoholics Anonymous since 2020, coincidentally marking the inception of our professional collaboration. Over the course of this period, countless hours have been dedicated to engaging discussions on Messenger, delving into the intricacies of music, the nuances of his tracks, my ongoing projects, the artistry and significance of mastering, as well as exchanging tales of island life and aspirations.
The privilege of unveiling Sauco’s work under my label holds a special place in my heart. Few people have had the opportunity to comprehend Sauco’s music as intimately and profoundly as I have. His artistry has become a catalyst for a transformation in my musical palate, revolutionizing the way I perceive and absorb music, instilling a lasting positive impact.
As the curtains draw to a close, Sauco leaves us with a personal track, a musical narrative that undoubtedly possesses the magnetic allure that initially captivated me. I invite you to experience the captivating essence of his creation, just as it drew me in, creating an indelible connection between artist and listener.

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