We’re happy to welcome the gifted Pete Whiteley on the Discoanon train!

In the enchanting realm of musical wonder, where notes become the threads weaving stories and melodies paint vivid landscapes, Pete Whiteley emerges as a virtuoso, a maestro whose artistry transcends boundaries. If “Sound Of The Music” by Pete Ellison was the anthem that resonated through the warm summer air of 2021, then “Superfly” is the symphony that will soar to new heights, captivating hearts and souls in its ethereal embrace.

In the luminous realm of “Superfly,” musical boundaries dissolve like morning mist, and the enchantment of sound reigns supreme. It’s a journey where every note is a brushstroke, and every beat is a heartbeat echoing in unison with the collective pulse of humanity. Pete Whiteley crafts a sonic masterpiece that transcends the ordinary, a composition that resonates with the deepest recesses of the soul.

As the world embraces “Superfly,” it becomes a collective celebration, a shared experience that transcends geographical borders. Pete Whiteley‘s creation is more than a song; it’s a portal to a realm where emotions dance freely, and the magic of music binds us all in a harmonious embrace.

So, let the funkered up symphony of “Superfly” carry you away on its wings of melody, groovy bass lines and funky demeanor as Pete Whiteley invites you to join him in a celebration of the extraordinary power of sound – a celebration that echoes far beyond the confines of time and space.


Pete Whiteley – Superfly [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]

Pete Whiteley

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