From the depths of Copenhagen, Denmark, Jørn Johansen burst forth in 2001, a sonic maverick under the alias “Instant Pleasure,” gracing the prestigious Plastic City label.

A decade-long exile saw Johansen reemerge, reborn under his true name, his sound a churning maelstrom of transformation.

Recent forays onto labels like Pogo House and Lisztomania Records reveal Johansen’s unwavering allegiance to the subterranean sanctum of house music.

His beats pulse with a vivacious energy, intricate rhythms, and a fathomless depth, encapsulating the evolution of a modern musical shaman.

This is Johansen’s testimony to the mutability of electronic music, a triumphant return to the global stage, a raucous reminder that in the ever-mutating realm of sound, rebirth is a rite of passage.

As dawn breaks over the Spanish horizon, theBasement Discos emerges, a luminary in the electronic music firmament. Funk and disco course through its veins, it’s a haven for acolytes of rhythm and groove.

Once a humble series of events, theBasement Discos has grown into a mammoth house music leviathan, a full-blown movement replete with a weekly radio pulpit, nocturnal residencies, and a burgeoning record label.

This Spanish sanctuary pulsates with an ardent house music love, nurturing the old while embracing the new, harmonizing classical notes with the emergent strains of modern talent. It thrives on unifying creators, producers, and audiophiles worldwide, a beacon of unity within the global electronic symphony.

In the tumultuous sea of the music industry’s perpetual revolution, theBasement Discos remains an unyielding sentinel of house music’s lasting resonance, joining souls through beats and rhythms, an enduring harbinger of melodic unison.

Now, turn your attention to Jorn Johansen’s latest opus, “Use It,” an auditory voyage through the hallowed annals of house music history. Released under the cutting-edge banner of theBasement Discos label, this track is a veritable ode to the roots and the profound soul of 90s House music.

From its inception, the listener is caught in the riptide of Johansen’s virtuosity, a tune that genuflects before the genre’s primordial cradle. A pianistic cascade, an ode to the luminous heydays of House, “Use It” sets a euphoric tone. It’s a sonic time-warp, whisking us back to the dimly lit, smoky sanctuaries where house music was midwifed.

Use It” exudes a deep, immersive aura, embracing the listener in its aural tapestry. A thumping bassline acts as a metronomic heartbeat, invoking a groove that becomes an irresistible siren’s call. The dance floor, in this reverie, awakens and breathes in sync with the track’s infectious rhythm.

Johansen’s opus is a testament to his alchemical craft, an artist who forges connections between epochs. The roots of this track are entwined with the heartstrings of house music’s origin.

Use It” transcends mere auditory experience; it’s a portal into the heart of house music, where unity, music, and time collide. Jorn Johansen invites us to traverse the historical vista of house’s genesis, a powerful testament to the genre’s enduring legacy and an electrifying dance through its history.


Jorn Johansen – Got A Match EP [theBasement Discos]

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