In the wicked concoction of dream pop, the relentless thump of a drum machine, Lynchian otherworldliness, and the icy allure of Italo coolness, Scerida, Daniela Resconi, conjures a sonorous enigma that wholly envelops her sonic incantation, “Infinito.”

This ain’t your typical stroll through the musical park, folks. “Infinito” dances on the razor’s edge, oscillating wildly between realms, like a fever dream caught in a neon-lit pop carnival. One moment, it caresses your senses with its dreamy tendrils, lulling you into a hazy reverie, and the next, it explodes into a full-blown pop extravaganza that’s as electrifying as a Vegas showgirl on amphetamines.

This is lush, my friends, unapologetically lush. Resconi‘s music is a siren’s call, a wistful serenade that drapes you in the gossamer threads of dreams. It’s a soundscape painted with the vivid hues of nocturnal visions, in the same sonical realms as Beach House and Chromatic, brought to life by the wizards at the Italian visionary label Edizioni Della Notte.

If you’re searching for a ticket to the uncharted territories of dream-laden pop music, Scerida‘s “Infinito” is your passport to the unknown. Buckle up, my fellow travelers, for this is a ride you won’t soon forget.

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