I have been a huge admirer of George Alan O’Dowd since he emerged on the pop scene in the early eighties.

His voice is soulful, sweet like honeycomb and soothing like balm to me.

When his mega stardom as Boy George both solo and in Culture Club faded in the late eighties he re-invented himself as lead singer in Jesus Loves You, and he celebrated a short comeback with “Bow Down“, which charted in 1990.

Later that year he recorded and released the personal “The Martyrs Mantra“, a for me memorable album due to its very visible influences from the UK/Euro dance scene of the late eighties and early nineties.

On that album, which received mostly negative reviews, “I Specialize In Loneliness” really stands out.

Written and arranged by Angela Dust, a not all that well thought through pseudonym for O’Dowd and John Themis.

I went for a hazy sunset vibe and sprinkled a heavy drum loop on top along with a generous helping of percussion.

Ken Avalon, May 2023

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