DJ Mark Brickman had an incredibly busy 2020 with releases on predominantly Midnight Riot and Black Riot. Now he’s taken the Medditerranean train and starts off 2021 with one of his, to my ears, best tracks so far.

We’re incredibly happy to premiere this showstopper courtesy of Fran Deeper’s Spa In Disco right here on Discoholics Anonymous!

A smooth and filtered opener that glides flawlessly into one of the most driving basslines I’ve heard in a long while.

Smoothness laced with brass stabs, strings and velvety pads sends this groover on to cloud number 9.

This track will turn heads, partly due to the cunning craftsmanship of Brickman’s ability to lure your attention to the details he sprinkles generously, but also because of his incredibly well-structured build-up of the track.

And that bassline with those strings… Mmmmh, mmmh, mmmmmmmmh!

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