So we have come to the end of 2020 and it’s time to pick out the best tracks of the year.
It’s not an easy task, or as Tom Cruise would have said “Mission Impossible”! After first selection I ended up with well over 100 great tunes, and I was thinking how the hell will I fit them into an 2 hour mix?
I decided that this set is a small piece of that big tasty cake. The mix is a small taste of how the sound of 2020 was for me, and what rocked my boat in the world of covid-19. I want to give a big shout-out to all Artists, Producers, Dj’s and most important, the listeners that kept the boat floating!
Happy New Year

– MartinMax


Boiling down an excellent vintage like 2020 was a nightmare, but here are 25 outstanding tracks, that had extensive plays on the blog, on the show and on my personal playlists over the course of 2020.
Let me take this opportunity and thank all followers, listeners of the podcast, artists, DJs and labels who have made this year an adventure in sound and socially distanced friendship. I for one can’t wait to be let loose again and meet some of you lot!
I wish you a phenomenal 2021!

– Discoholic Ken

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