Monsieur Van Pratt‘s Super Spicy Records has had a busy winter in 2020, and this spring the release pipeline has been seriously put under pressure. Releases are being spat out in a gentle but firm stream, without having to compromise on quality at all.

Here we have our first premiere, Rob Castillo is rooted somewhere in-between Electro and Nu-Disco. His sound is generally analog and spicy, with an expressed hunger for the slightly crackling, like pure static surplus energy. He is playful, and moves in a different path than the others. That’s always refreshing!

The main attraction is the title number Salt & Funk, where Rob Castillo pulls Gledd in as reinforcement. We know Gledd From releases on Midnight Riot, Hot Digits, etc.
They’ve brewed a cheeky and funky cocktail of vinyl crackling static coziness, a cheeky, funky bassline, and bucketfuls of drums and percussion as the foundation. The air is thick with cheeky solo riffs, and the playfulness is undeniable.

On the virtual flip, we are dealing with a slightly faster concoction. One Night is undiluted electrofied madness. The playfulness from the title track is here converted via an arsenal of synths, and there is even room for a smidgen of 303 acid. It is all held together with a delicious bass that lies in the background and has a high audio-to-butt-moving-ratio!

Here are two different tracks to spice up your Nu-Disco set up with an unexpected maneuver that your ears and your listeners will thank you for.

Out on promo on Traxsource soon! Official release April 17th 2020.

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