Monie Love rose to fame around 1989/1990. Her take on hip hop was pop influenced, yet her rhymes oozed of feminism, gender rights and social problems. She disappeared from the scene, and as far as we could research, she’s been a radio presenter for some years in the US.
Alkalino keeps his edits sharp and tight, with due respect to the originals. Yet he always manages to add another dimension to the tracks he surgically transforms and sculpts. This is no exception.
The second Alkalino edit is a great example of where Moroder came from, in its purity. The way he layers and builds is quintessential for him. Again Alkalino really treats the edit with passion and love for the original, and refreshes it to fit comfortably in a modern DJ set.

Alkalino has recently released a ton of edits and reworks of hidden gems over at Junodownload.

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