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Liverpool’s re-edit prodigy, Ben Jamin, returns to the fold of Discoholics Anonymous Recordings with a track that promises to be more than just a musical journey—it’s an odyssey of soul and rhythm. His latest offering is a slow-burning, chugging soul train that refuses to rush, instead choosing to seduce the listener with its deliberate, hypnotic pace.

Ben dives deep into the essence of groove, carving out a soundscape that feels as though it’s pulling from the very heart of Philadelphia’s rich musical heritage. These aren’t just beats; they are a heartbeat, a rhythm that pulses with life and vitality. Each note, each transition, each subtle shift in tempo is crafted with precision, a testament to Ben Jamin’s prowess in the art of the re-edit.

There’s that Philly vibe. It’s something almost intangible, a quality that eludes easy description. It’s in the lush orchestration, the soulful strings, the brass that blares with both urgency and restraint. It’s in the way the track simultaneously looks back at the legacy of Philadelphia’s soul and disco scenes while pushing forward into new, uncharted territories. This vibe is a feeling, a sense of place and time that Ben Jamin captures and immortalizes within the confines of this track.

Ben Jamin’s return to Discoholics Anonymous Recordings with this soul-laden gem is not just a continuation of his journey—it’s a reaffirmation of his ability to channel the past’s essence and infuse it with a contemporary edge. This track is more than music; it’s a narrative, a testament to the enduring power of soul and the ever-evolving landscape of sound. It’s a slow and chugging soul train that invites you to climb aboard and lose yourself in its deep, seductive rhythms.

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