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Discoholics Anonymous are thrilled to present another free download for your collections: XTOPHER’s magnificent re-edit of Marc Penetas’ slow-cooker “Lady Ganja”

Originally released in 1985 on Benetas’ “Distance” album, XTOPHER has tidied it up, added a lush, deep bottom, and structured it for a modern audience.

This edit was inspired by hearing the original vinyl of this track for the first time in summer 2022 as the sun set in La Torre Ibiza. The chilled restaurant vibes were soon interrupted by a head-nodding clientele singing, “Lady Ganja!” So, a big shout out to whoever that DJ was! The edit was stemmed, split, and replayed in parts, with new drum intros, added thickness, and low-end chugg! Enjoy!

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For over two decades, Xtopher has carved out a vibrant career as a DJ and producer in the UK, leaving his mark on the global music scene. His discography boasts releases on illustrious labels such as Hotbox in the USA, Kitsune in France, and the UK’s own FatFox. Xtopher’s knack for crafting compelling edits has earned him acclaim, with standout tracks like his reimagining of Teddy Pendergrass, the electrifying fusion of Stardust vs Breach in “Music Sounds Better with Jack,” a disco-pop rendition of Annie Lennox’s “Little Bird,” and the mesmerizingly slowed down “Balearic Whisper,” a fresh take on George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.”

Xtopher’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed in the club circuit. He’s graced the decks of legendary venues like Ministry of Sound and Pacha in London, enchanting audiences with his eclectic and dynamic sets. His prowess isn’t confined to the UK alone; he’s captivated crowds internationally, holding residencies in South Africa, Germany, and Greece. Xtopher’s journey through sound continues to evolve, making him a revered figure in the ever-changing landscape of electronic music.


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