Tom Noble Presents: House Of Spirits’ “Times Are Changing” echoes the textured, organic disco vibes that once reverberated through New York’s vibrant music scenes, channeling the spirit and mastery of influential acts like Holy Ghost!, the Mizell Brothers, and Patrick Adams.

Noble’s venture into this revered audio universe is both a homage and a revitalization, employing live instrumentation that bursts with intricate details. It is carefully crafted, exuding a warm, lush atmosphere that is simultaneously funky with a slight melancholy underneath and yet exhilarating. Beneath velvety layers lies a gritty soul, adding a raw, unpolished edge that supplements what defined the genre’s early days.

This way the project not only captures the essence of a bygone era but also infuses it with contemporary vitality, making “Times Are Changing” a profound exploration of disco’s enduring legacy and its infinite possibilities in the 2020s.


Tom Noble Presents: House Of Spirits – Times Are Changing [Razor N Tape]

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