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The 6th Borough Project’s (Craig Smith & Graeme Clark (The Revenge) ) long-awaited return a year ago with the “Rhythm & Truth” EP marked a pivotal moment for fans of deep, dusty, dubbed-out disco. Garnering accolades from heavyweights like Jamie 3:26, Luke Solomun, Dam Swindle, Young Pulse, and the Faith crew, it reaffirmed the hunger for 6BP’s distinct sound. Their latest release, a four-track masterpiece, continues this legacy with remarkable finesse.

“One Way” unfolds as a droning piece of House, rich with lush, deep vibes and a dubby demeanor that casts a spell as hypnotic as it is invigorating. Its subtle, infectious percussive groove serves as a gateway, drawing listeners into a realm where each beat and echo resonates with purposeful intensity.

“Spare Change” exudes a funkier attitude, embodying 6th Borough Project’s signature sound with its dubby, bass-driven essence. The track features a Balkan-tinged drum groove and a funky bassline, weaving a complex tapestry of rhythms. Tribal, plonky, rolling synth lines dance atop this robust foundation, creating an intricate yet irresistibly groovy soundscape. It’s a testament to 6BP’s ability to infuse their deep house roots with vibrant, global influences, crafting a track as dynamic as it is hypnotic.

“Backlash” ventures deeper into late-night-vibed, bass-fused Deep House grooves. It conjures an atmosphere both introspective and intensely rhythmic, anchored by lush chords and a driving square wave bassline. The unrelenting kick drum maintains a pulsating, relentless energy, propelling the track forward into the depths of the genre.

“The Other” decelerates the tempo with deep, filtered Hip Hop-influenced beats, showcasing 6th Borough Project’s prowess in genre fusion. This track exemplifies their skill in blending and bending musical styles to their will. A sampled and looped “Stop thinking about it” mantra establishes the main rhythmic groove, while jazzy piano snippets, filtered and echoing, float throughout the mix. The result is a track that feels both jazzy and Balearic, crafting an atmospheric tapestry rich in texture and mood. It’s a testament to 6BP’s ability to navigate and meld diverse soundscapes, producing a track as contemplative as it is rhythmically compelling, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its layered, hypnotic groove.

6th Borough Project masterfully balances these elements, crafting tracks that stand as a testament to their deep house, hip-hop, and Balearic prowess. Their music takes listeners on a journey into the heart of these genres’ shadowy, evocative realms, where each beat and note reverberates with an artful complexity and emotional depth.


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