Taking deep progressive rhythms and wrapping them in a pair of wayfarers, Nickelson dives headfirst into the neon abyss, crafting sonic tales inspired by the 80s, all while using modern production techniques like a master craftsman. A Northern Brit who’s now making his home in the US, Nickelson blends the raw, industrial echoes of his past with the slick, synthetic pulse of his present surroundings, creating a unique and intoxicating mix.

Imagine neon-lit streets, where danger lurks just around the corner, and late-night drives that stretch on endlessly. The synths shimmer like distant city lights, while the beats pulse like the heartbeat of a restless metropolis. Nickelson’s music is a journey through time, a blend of nostalgic melodies and contemporary innovation, each track a story that connects the past with the present.

His soundscapes are an assault on the senses in the best possible way, filled with haunting vocals that echo the ethereal quality of 80s new wave, all meticulously crafted to create an immersive experience. Nickelson’s session for Discoholics Anonymous Presents doesn’t just play—it invades your mind, pulling you into a world where every note and beat tells a part of his story.




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