As the pulsating lights dance across the dimly lit room, anticipation hangs thick in the air like the scent of excitement before a storm. The stage is set, and the crowd buzzes with eager energy, their eyes fixed on the figure that strides confidently into the spotlight. It’s none other than the illustrious German DJane, La Fusa, a maestro of the turntables, a sparkling beacon of the disco scene, and tonight, the luminous host of the sixth edition in the legendary Discoholics Anonymous Present series.

With a flick of her wrist and a mischievous grin, La Fusa commands the decks like a sorceress wielding her magic wand. As a listener you are drawn in as she seamlessly weaves together

 a tapestry of beats, each one a pulsating rhythm that ignites the soul and sets the dance floor ablaze. From the funky basslines to the soulful melodies, every track is carefully curated to transport the audience on a journey through time and space.

But La Fusa is more than just a DJ; she’s a visionary, a pioneer who has tirelessly championed the disco revival in Germany for years. Beyond her electrifying sets, she has carved a

 path through the music industry, spearheading numerous disco-influenced events across Nordrhein-Westfalen, each one a testament to her unwavering dedication to the genre she loves.

Tonight, as she takes the stage with an air of confidence and charisma, it’s clear that La Fusa is not just here to play music; she’s here to ignite a revolution, to remind us all of

 the power of disco to unite and liberate. And as the crowd loses themselves in the hypnotic rhythms and infectious grooves, they know that they are in the presence of a true master, a force of nature who will stop at nothing to keep the disco torch burning bright.

I spoke to La Fusa about what she’s got in store for her followers over the course of 2024:

”Expectedly, the next releases will take place at the end of the year. My team and I are currently working intensively to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

In addition to the releases, we have also planned a smaller summer festival, which will take place on June 8th. We have decided to revive the event series that was very successful in the early 2000s. The name is: Good Times! Here’s a small excerpt from the event text (“Good Times” is back and brings the best of the house music scene to the dance floor! ???????? This legendary event, which has caused a sensation in the past, is now being revived with new momentum and even more energy. But that’s not all! Good Times not only marks the beginning of a great event series, but also presents two stalwarts who have awakened from their slumber and are ready to rock the stage! ???????? These two legends will bring the kids to the dance floor with their captivating beats and distinctive sounds, reviving the disco era. ????✨ Be there when Good Times opens its doors and experience a night full of unforgettable music and endless fun! Get your ticket now and get ready for an unforgettable house music party! ???????? #GoodTimes #Event #HouseMusic #DiscoRevival”


·       Stefano

·       Le Sascha

·       Phunkstar

·       La Fusa

·       D’Prinz

·       Absolon

·       Monoton

·       Kid Sugar Funk

It’s exciting to revive the energy and enthusiasm of the past. Especially because the change in the scene is noticeable right now in Germany. One of the team leaders is Le Sascha, who was quite successful with Superfunk from France ???????? in the past and also produced with them.

The next event is already scheduled for October with a special act, but I can’t reveal that yet, in another big location (in Bielefeld). We are currently putting all our energy into planning and preparation. We want to ensure that it will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. ❤️”

– La Fusa





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