In the cosmic ballet of sound, Antonin, a nomad traversing both the French landscapes and beyond, emerges as a genuine troubadour of the open highways. A sartorial adventurer hailing from the sun-drenched Cap Ferret peninsula, his lyrical figure, adorned with cascading Cossack-like locks, mirrors the sharp-tempered night bird that embodies his music – liberated as the breeze, vital as water.

His inaugural opus, “En Silence,” an homage to the sea and serenity, unfurls pop refrains, infectious ballads, and saudades steeped in island vibes, casting a spell that guided our minstrel on a summer odyssey through the French roads, sharing stages with Oracle Sisters and Kings Of Convenience, and embarking on the European journey with Allah-Las. Today, the beat goes on with “En Silence Remixes,” here with a sly focus on the Kraak & Smaak remix, an auditory soiree orchestrated by DJs and producers.

In the sonic realm sculpted by Kraak & Smaak, their interpretation of the track is a mesmerizing tapestry woven with enigmatic undertones, a touch of circus whimsy, and an unabashed display of panache, all while impeccably preserving the swagger inherent in the original composition.
The introduction of a pulsating LFO bassline becomes an irresistible force, sweeping you off your feet and dragging you into the heart of the musical menagerie with a relentless grip.
As the sonic spectacle unfolds, it’s a wild journey that plays out like a carnival ride, twisting and turning with dizzying allure, compelling you to surrender to the intoxicating dance of sonic delights.
The amalgamation of mystery, rhythmic eccentricity, and unabashed flair creates an auditory experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting listeners to revel in the multifaceted dimensions of musical ecstasy.


Antonin – Antonio (Kraak & Smaak Remix) [Ekleroshock]


Kraak & Smaak

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