You always know you can expect quality from Razor N Tape. Versatility and durability is key in their releases, so it’s a very sensible thing to sign a curveball like this one from Max Essa & Eddie C.

Balearic is one of my personal favorite discussion topics. It’s one of the broadest, yet most narrow, genres (or styles, if you prefer) out there. In fact I have written a piece about it, which will see release here on the blog at the end of the month. That being said, to me Eddie and Max nail it with “We Live In The Hills.”

In this mesmerizing musical journey, the peculiar squelchiness intertwines effortlessly with radiant beats, creating a tapestry of sound that bathes the listener in a unique sonic experience.
The laid-back pace and bassline serve as the rhythmic foundation, allowing the music to unfold with a sense of ease and relaxation. The inclusion of subtle piano and guitar elements adds layers of warmth and complexity to the composition, enhancing the overall texture.
A headphone adventure with more to show than it lets on.


Max Essa & Eddie C. – We Live In The Hills [Razor N Tape]

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